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The focal point of my work is people and their originally intact existence. Often, our natural harmony can become imbalanced. I can help you restore that balance – whether in times of trouble or change, or simply as you work your way towards a more successful life.

Barbara Rheinbay – Knowledge is not just rational

Knowledge is not just rational

My approach to personal development is as innovative as it is original. I have a doctorate in political sciences, so I know the strengths of rational knowledge. But I’m also a very farsighted person, so I know the limits too. To handle the many facets of our lives, we need an all-encompassing approach: the intuitive perspective.

Intuitive. Powerful. Successful.

Intuition is where reason and spirit, the heart and soul converge. It’s the gateway to an infinite source of strength and gives us a broader perspective that allows us to see the bigger picture. The result is a life of harmony. I’d like to accompany you on your journey of self-development and support you as you achieve your goals.

As multifaceted
as life itself.

The soul is the key for a balanced and happy live
The soul is the key for a balanced and happy live

What I can do for you:

Want a happier, more harmonious life? In business, with those around you or indeed with yourself? Whether it’s ideas and confirmation you need, or to heal yourself or clear blockages, I can help.

Coaching was around long before the word was even invented

I will support you. With all my heart, my decades of experience, and my in-depth knowledge of ancient wisdom around nature and humanity. I am happy to help.

  • Employee and management training
  • National and international corporate seminars
  • Vision quest for companies and individuals
  • Personal settings and individual coaching at any stage of life
  • Support with questions around health, emotional distress or trauma
  • Personal support with key life events of all kinds
  • Power objects – positive energy for businesses, spaces, buildings and homes
  • Training courses
  • Keynote speeches

What pathway can I accompany you on?
I look forward to meeting you!

“Barbara Rheinbay helps managers and medical professionals with orthodox training connect with their own intuition and the primal force of nature – through tree rituals.”

Trailer for the TV documentary Bayern erleben: Alpenschamanen, by BR (Bavarian Broadcasting)

“The exercises we did together made me realise what’s already changed in both myself and the others.”


“Grounding and relaxing!”

(From a report in tina magazine)

“It’s as though the pressure in my upper vertebrae and the constant strain have just lifted. I feel liberated,

really good.”

(Jürgen K., entrepreneur)


Discover the best
coach in the
world. Yourself.

Helmut Gerstlauer – Energise yourself, activate your self-healing powers, lead a more successful life – with professional guidance in nature.

What I can do for you:

Whether as a manager, co-worker, family or individual, we have all experienced situations where we needed particular strength and orientation – be they life-changes, crises, big decisions, or simply as we search for a better, more balanced life.

The strength we need in these situations can be found within, in our intuition. And the place to find it is in nature. Experiencing the great outdoors with the professional guidance of Dr Barbara Rheinbay, you will find out how you can draw on the primal forces of nature, hone your intuition – and improve your life.

Dr Barbara Rheinbay supports private individuals as well as companies with guided group trekking tours, intensive one-to-one sessions and much more besides. Find out more at or contact trekking guide Helmut Gerstlauer directly:
+49 (0) 176 61133939,

Intuitive personality development

Helmut Gerstlauer – Recharging with the power of nature teaches us who we are and what we’re capable of
Helmut Gerstlauer – Recharging with the power of nature teaches us who we are and what we’re capable of

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